Reopen – Refresh – Refuel

This week the hospitality industry was given the green light to reopen from the 4th July, the news we were all waiting for!

The next few weeks will be crucial in crafting the perfect food menu to entice your customers back over the threshold, and we’ve got the perfect six-step guide to help you get there.

Our co-founder and Italian Pizza Expert Stefano Laudadio is extremely passionate about the food industry and wants to help you to thrive following Covid19. He has brought together his knowledge and passion to give you the best advice to make your menu profitable, easy to create and appealing to your customers.

Six steps to reopen, refresh and refuel:1 – Review the old

Are there any items on your menu that aren’t selling? It’s easy to run a 12-month report on your POS system to find out which products are not doing so well and can be replaced.

Before you decide to take them off the menu, could you rename it to something that draws the customers in? This is a great option to elevate your menu and describe something your customers can’t get anywhere else.
2 – Do your research

Once you have reviewed your current menu and removed or renamed items, now is time to take an overall look – if the original size was looking great, let’s replace those removed items one by one. Now it’s time to do your research.

Take a look online – viral trends are great for enticing customers through the door; can you implement something within your menu to give it a fresh look and still appeal to your audience?

Use your own experience – have you eaten anything lately that was inspiring that you can draw upon?

Pizza is always a winner – look for themes and new products within the Pizza World by searching social media, new menus can always benefit from a popular theme.

3 – Teamwork makes the dream work

It’s always tempting to head straight to the kitchen when you are excited about new ideas, but kitchens are only as good as their team. Make sure to discuss the changes with the team – another set of eyes is the best way to refine and produce something that you know the customer will love.

Once the team are happy, it’s time for a discussion with your suppliers – make sure they can source the ingredients needed for your menu.

Is there a way to maximize your shopping list by using menu elements within different dishes to create more efficiency and be more cost-effective?
4 – Taste, taste and taste!

This is the fun part – the TASTE test!

Now our menu has been carefully crafted with input from the whole team, and agreement with suppliers for your ingredient list, let’s decide how we take this forward.

I like to split the taste testing into two parts:

  1. Staff Tasting – a very informal gathering of team members.
  2. Internal Launch – more formal this time, with loyal customers, friends and family, and external stakeholders where relevant. Scorecards are given out to review each item based on appearance, taste and marketability – and of course their favourite dish!

5 – Final Review

This is where it gets interesting…

We’ve done the costing, the development, the taste tests, and now we are ready to review the feedback and decide what makes the cut.

Use your most experienced staff to help with this – Head Chefs and Food and Beverage Managers are a great choice.

In my experience, comments and scorecards always seem to deliver unexpected results; sometimes you think you have a real winner, and maybe the taste test proved otherwise! We find this a lot when we try new pizza topping combinations!

The goal is simple: we keep all the clear winners and get rid of the obvious losers.

There might be some menu items that didn’t make the cut,

but don’t worry – you can always use these great ideas for your next menu review.

6 – Time to debut

Congratulations, you have now your new menu!

You’ve done the hard graft, and now the last push is to take it to market. You will need to refresh all physical and digital platforms and change your prices if you wish. Remember – you are delivering more value to your guests, so now is a good time to do this. It is also useful at this point to update your SOP manuals and training guides for your staff.

Now more than ever, it’s important to reassure your guests. High definite photography and videography is a fantastic tool to boost consumer confidence (and make your menu more attractive!). Be sure to use these in the build-up to your launch to create some hype!

As simple as it may seem, it’s really important to create the right balance between maximizing customer preference and including trends and classic choices.


Stefano Laudadio
Co-founder, PizzaSi

We hope Stefano’s six steps to crafting the perfect menu will help you with your relaunch.

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